Cait & Rowan

We can’t stress enough how important it is and what a difference it makes to your wedding planning experience to work with service providers you get on with. When we got in touch with Val, we knew we’d found the coordinator of our dreams. Val was as invested in our wedding as we were, if not more so! Our joys were hers, and our stresses were hers too. We were planning our wedding from afar which can naturally come with challenges, but we trusted Val implicitly and she went above and beyond to handle any challenges that cropped up. She has such impeccable style and taste, and brought such exciting, fresh ideas to us, all of which made our wedding more incredible than we could have dreamed of. As we always say, Val made magic happen, and we are eternally grateful to her! It was a sad day after the wedding when we realised we would no longer have a reason to be in regular contact with her, as it felt like she had become family. We will always consider her so. Thank you for everything Val! Xx

Durban, South Africa